Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm glad you stopped by.

I'm a crazy dog-lady, book lover, and photograph creator. My perfect day would be a cozy day on the couch wrapped in a sweater while reading Harry Potter (or also capturing your wedding day - I love that too!).

I have studied and practiced photography since high school. I even took my own senior portraits with a point-and-shoot camera. In 2018, I became interested in portrait photography.​

My husband, Dan, and I created Yost Photo. He is my second shooter and right-hand man.​

We specialize in couple's photography. We are passionate about capturing engagement and wedding day portraits. 
so, why the yellow umbrella?
We fell in love while watching the TV series How I Met Your Mother. We loved it so much that we even based our own wedding around elements from the show. The yellow umbrella has become a symbol of love and hope for us.
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