Nicole and Dan Yost are a wife + husband photography team based in Huntsville, AL. We have over two decades of combined hobbyist and professional experience. Nicole has been studying photography and practicing as a hobby since high school. Dan attended college as an art major and has been employed in various marketing and graphic design fields. These positions utilized his photography and videography skills on a professional level.

We specialize in couple's photography. We are passionate about capturing engagement and wedding day portraits. However, we love capturing just about any type of session. We can create a photography package to fit whatever your needs may be! 

Promotional pricing, for a limited time only, will apply to all wedding and engagement packages so that we can build our portrait portfolio.
so, why the yellow umbrella?
We fell in love while watching the TV series How I Met Your Mother. We loved it so much that we even based our own wedding around elements from the show. The yellow umbrella has become a symbol of love and hope for us.
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